The Benefits of Meditation to Health and Wellness

Today, very few people understand what meditation is. Some regard meditation as an act of focus and concentration. Others consider that we meditate when we imagine something that gives us peace. Meditation is basically easing the mind, in simple words.

In a more comprehensive way, meditation can be defined as a state of thoughtless awareness. It is not an act of doing something, rather an activation of a state of mind.

We either are in this state or we are not, regardless of what we are doing in life.

Studied and Certified Benefits

By studying the science of epigenetic and neuro-plasticity, one can learn how certain changes in lifestyle can change your brain and body permanently – right down to your genes. These changes can point you towards or away from diseases/happiness. Being mindful of them better prepares you to deal with yourself and your own responses. It helps you better manage yourself down to the last thought.
By observing your mind, you realize you don’t have to be slave to it. Therefore Meditation is also used in helping people deal with pain. Like that of a lower back pain, a recent study shows that there is a constant healing and improvement detected in the results of CLBP patients who have shown dedication in following regular meditation.
Meditation is quite simply mental hygiene: clear out the junk, tune your talents, and get in touch with yourself. 

Think about it, you shower every day and clean your body, but have you ever showered your mind? As a consequence, you’ll feel free and see things with a greater perspective.

Another study conducted on meditation and its cognitive effects suggested that 4 days of meditation potentially enhances one’s ability to sustain attention.
The results can be seen in a matter of days, which is amazing.