Benefits of Reiki – I am Divine Within

For thousands of years, in Eastern cultures, energy medicines are being used as a treatment for ailments. Though there are thousands of practices focusing on energy healing, one which has been popular throughout time is Reiki.
The history of Reiki can be traced back to the beginning of 20th century in Japan. In the 1930s, the culture of Reiki was used as a healing practice and was introduced to the western cultures from there.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word, meaning, “spiritually guided life force energy.” The idea of Reiki is to heal the person from within, using energy instead of medicine.
In a Reiki healing session, the instructor places their hands above or on the client’s body, palms up, in 12 to 15 positions. Each of these positions is held until the practitioner senses the flow of energy to be slowed or stopped.
The flow of energy can be felt through sensations like tingling in the hands or heat.
In a Reiki healing session, the techniques are used for extracting, beaming, clearing, and centering the harmful energies present in your body, which is damaging your aura.
Reiki energy heals your body with a positive flow of energy. The positive energy raises the levels of vibratory energy field around and inside your body, forcing the negative energies to shatter.
After your body gets rid of the negative energy, Reiki heals, straightens, and clears the pathways of energy, which allows the flow of life in a natural and healthy way.

Is it Safe?

Yes, Reiki healing is perfectly safe, as there is nothing being ingested or applied to your body. The healing is spiritual and done with positive energy, and poses no health risk whatsoever.
Research is being conducted around the world for Reiki practices to be effective for patients with chronic health conditions, depression, and anxiety.
Reiki has proved to boost self-esteem and spiritual connection. It also has a positive effect on your blood pressure and heart rate.
The good thing is, Reiki doesn’t need a scientific study to prove its benefits. For thousands of years, the benefits of healing energy are being witnessed by the world.