Cluny Joseph-Savage (CJ) is a spiritual life coach, counselor, and transformational healer.  She has completed course studies in psychology, marriage & family therapy, counseling, and  organizational leadership. For over 15 years, she worked in corporate America until one day, she experienced a shift in consciousness and accepted her gifts as intuitive healer. Since then Cluny has dedicated her life to being a vessel for Divine Light and Love. 

She published a Reflective & meditation journal to help people on their path of self- realization and to provide them with a creative and sacred place to express their divine experiences, healing, and spiritual growth. She is passionate about spiritual, personal and professional development. She loves practicing meditation, writing poetry, and reading books on philosophy, theology, religion, spirituality, and metaphysics.

CJ is dedicated to empowering people to self love, heal, and achieve their goals by utilizing a holistic approach to optimum health and wellness. Her goal is to help people find balance, release stress, and embrace freedom for a happy, peaceful, and healthy life through Reiki, meditation, and journaling.

CJ is offering Reiki Healing Therapy, Crystal Therapy, and Chakra Balancingread more…

To book an appointment with CJ, please contact her directly at: (914) 329-0738 or

For more information on journaling workshps contact CJ via email at

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